Dr. Dawn Abbot, Edmonton VET ER - Emergency Hospital. OC-8V

“As many veterinary clinic owners, I’d say one of our main concerns is running out of oxygen during a critical moment, specially at a VET Emergency hospital. The time spent worrying about oxygen supply; ordering, waiting times, changing oxygen cylinders and stressing about orders and delivery can easily be avoided by having an ON2 Solutions Oxygen concentrator at your own clinic. I am extremely happy we made the decision from the get-go to open Edmonton VET-ER with an ON2 Solutions Oxygen concentrator. The sales process was super easy and straightforward, our account manager had all the answers to our questions, and it never felt we had to “chase them down” for answers. They are definitely one of the main reasons we decided to get the Oxygen concentrator, as well as the fact they are a Canadian company, and these are Made in Canada products.

It has simply made our lives much easier and our practice much smoother, one less step, one less thing to worry about for my team and I, we all can focus on what’s important: taking care of and saving animal’s lives.

Highly recommend it to my fellow veterinarians, vet clinic owners and staff.”

-Dr. Dawn Abbott, Edmonton VET ER -Emergency hospital. OC-8V

Paul Hardes, DVM. Hardes Veterinary Services. OC-4V

“The OC is working great! The technicians are enjoying not having to worry about changing/ ordering oxygen tanks, easy to install and operate. Essentially just “plug and play” Highly recommended.”

Paul Hardes, DVM . Hardes Veterinary Services OC- 4V

Kevin Stevens, ARRT, RT, R, MR the VSCAN OC-1V

” As a small independent specialty hospital, having a reliable oxygen supply is vital for our day-to-day operations. Knowing that we can count on our OC-1V to supply our neurosurgery, advanced anesthesia, and diagnostic imaging services every day makes all of the difference for us and our patients.”

Kevin Stevens, ARRT, RT, R, MR the VSCAN OC-1V