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Custom On-site Gas Generation Systems

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ONSolutions design, manufacture, install and service custom on-site Oxygen Concentrators, Nitrogen Generators, Medical Air, and Medical Vacuum. ONis the only Manufacturer of custom designed Oxygen Concentrator Systems in Canada! ON2‘s forbearers pioneered the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standards for Medical Oxygen Concentrator Systems (CSA-Z7396.1-2017). ONis committed to strictly adhering to the same rigid design and operational standards during the development and manufacturing of our entire product line.

What Is Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption?

Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption (VPSA) technology is an improvement on the original PSA design in the concentration of oxygen using molecular sieve and pressurized air. The VPSA technology uses vacuum during the desorb cycle to clear the sieve of nitrogen. This allows for a more complete removal of N2 molecules and quicker refill of air for the next cycle. An added benefit of using vacuum for the desorb cycle is the removal of any moisture which extends the life of the sieve material, further lowering the long term maintenance costs of the unit.

ON2 uses VPSA in it’s concentration process because of increased efficiency and cost effectiveness.


  • A lower cost of supply
  • Independent of bulk suppliers
  • Inflation proof on-site gas
  • Lower overall power consumption
  • Customized designs for each facility
  • Consistently high gas purity
  • No waiting for critical deliveries
  • Automatic operation meets fluctuating demands
  • Worldwide installation, Training and Support
  • PMP ensures peak performance and longevity
  • 24/7 reliable on call support
  • Technicians with over 40 years experience
  • VPSA Technology provides a fast and reliable 3 min. start-up
  • ON2 creates SOLUTIONS by providing a full line of Oxygen Concentrators, Nitrogen Generators, Medical Air and Medical Vacuums
Remote Oxygen Concentrator Systems
  • Self contained and modularized design provides options and flexibility for future planning
  • Replaces the need for bulk oxygen tanks
  • Minimal site preparation– level footing only
  • Can provide indoor storage of Cylinder Filling Stations
  • Provides a cost effective SOLUTION for hospital expansions and increased demand
  • Emergency relief units – Fully automated start up providing oxygen supply within 60 mins of cold start
  • Fully Mobile and easily transported to emergency relief sites
  • Customized PLC will monitor and start unit in any weather conditions
  • Arrives fully equipped and pre-assembled Self contained and modularized
  • International Award Winning Refuge One Air Centre is recognized worldwide
  • Maintain breathable air at near-normal atmospheric levels for up to 96 hours
  • Multiple sizes available from 8 to 20 person capacity
  • External battery compartment provides extra internal storage space
  • Operate independently during an emergency without external electricity or compressed air supply
  • Designed for user friendly operation
  • Expanded airlock entryway for fast unobstructed access
  • Compact design provides easy mobility – push, pull or drag
  • Durable and rugged enough to withstand harsh underground conditions
  • An affordable SOLUTION for any mine safety program and budget