We are ON2 Solutions

Who We Are

ON2 Solutions designs, manufactures, installs and services custom on-site oxygen and nitrogen generators and concentrators for medical and industrial use. We also build a complete mine refuge system designed to provide a breathable air supply in the event of an underground mining emergency. The “TommyKnocker” and award-winning “Refuge One Air Centre” provide a safe haven with a source of re-breathable air until rescuers arrive. ON2 is currently a leading provider of medical gas generating and mine refuge systems, with equipment installed in over 25 countries worldwide. We earned our reputation as an on-site application specialist and our renewed mission is to continue to explore new applications and provide the BEST SOLUTION!

ON2 Solutions was established in April of 1983. ON2 grew exponentially over the past 6 years, reaching new markets and industries worldwide. In April of 2018 we attracted the attention of Bining Healthcare Inc. and have since joined the Bining Healthcare Group. Our entire Team is excited about the future of ON2 and we are committed to continuing the values we worked so hard to establish; to deliver high quality, high value mine refuge and gas generation systems and services. With the help of Bining Healthcare Group we are looking forward to expanding these quality services and products into the Industrial Oxygen and Nitrogen arenas and quickly establish ourselves as leaders of Application Solutions.

About Us


To be known worldwide as a supplier of innovative, leading-edge technologies and equipment for medical, industrial, and mining facilities.


Sustaining life through innovation


we do what we say and say what we do.
We understand our customer’s needs and deliver what they want
We do a better job today than we did yesterday.
We will make a meaningful contribution to the global environment and making the world a better place through greenhouse gas reduction and making oxygen available for all. We will make strong contributions to the communities where we live and work.

Finding New Solutions

ON2 is committed to researching and developing new Customized SOLUTIONS to better serve our customer’s needs. We are continuously seeking new cost effective, quality products and innovative technologies.