ON2 designs, builds, supplies and services The TommyKnocker 2 – “ TK2 ” mobile mine refuge chamber for the underground “Hard Rock” mining industry. During a mine emergency and evacuation, the TK2 is a Safe Haven for miners who await rescue. The chamber is easy to move and relocate in underground mining applications, making it more accessible to miners. It typically includes the ON2 “Refuge One Air Centre”, making it a complete Mine Refuge System. The NEW “TK2” design has an extended airlock entryway (2 metres), which will ensure fast unobstructed access into the refuge chamber and a shrouded external battery compartment that will be capable of providing up to 96 hours of power. The TK2’s rugged, yet simple design, provides operational availability when you need it most.


  • Portable design allows for ease of transport
  • Can be hoisted, dragged, rolled, or forklifted
  • Double door (with windows) entry system for control of outside air
  • 2 Metre airlock entryway allows easy fast access to refuge chamber
  • Positive air pressure minimizes outside air ingress into chamber
  • Comfortable bench seating for chamber occupants
  • Storage area for consumables in cabinets and under bench seats
  • External battery compartment allows for extra space/storage in chamber
  • Shrouded external battery compartment and air conditioner
  • Sectioned off area for toilet
  • Split system 230VAC air conditioner minimizes power consumption
  • Leak tested to ensure airtight compartments
  • Reflective exterior signage allows recognition in poor lit conditions
  • Rugged 12-gauge steel construction
  • Dimmable LED lighting throughout
  • Water and Food storage provided
  • Occupancy beacon and siren allows rescuers to locate easily

ADDITIONAL OPTIONS – available upon request

  • Mine compressed air supply
  • Portable gas monitor
  • Carbon Monoxide scrubber unit
  • Up to 96-hour battery capacity
MODEL 10 – 20 person
DIMENSIONS W 7’4” x H 7’3” x L 20’ – 30’

(W 2.3 M x H 2.2 M x L 6.2 – 9.1 M.)

COMPOSITION 12-gauge steel throughout
COATING Epoxy primed, urethane coated
SEATING Padded benches
AIR LOCK 6’.6” (2 M) chamber with positive air pressure
LIGHTING 12 VDC dimmable led lighting
ELECTRICAL 115 /220 VAC for connection to mine supply

12 VDC without mine supply (36 – 96 hour capacity)

CAPACITY 36-96 hour operation depending on sodalime supply
OXYGEN SUPPLY “K” size bottles matching capacity of sodalime


TK2 Refuge Chamber
TOILET Self-contained 20 litre
FIRST AID KIT Standard kit supplied
WATER DISPENSER 26 litre military grade container supplied
BATTERY CHARGER ·      12 VDC system for 36, 48, 72, 96 hours

·      External battery compartment


AIR CONDITIONER o   12,000 or 18,000 BTU split unit available

o   variable speed system to improve battery life

MINE AIR SUPPLY o   connection to mine compressed air

o   filters supplied to purify air

o   purge drain supplied

o   pressure regulator included

o   muffler included

CO CATALYZER One time use to reduce co in refuge chamber
COMMUNICATION CENTRE Custom designed communication centre to meet Mine’s requirements

Please contact us for more information regarding service parts.