Vlad Herasymiuk

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Vlad Herasymiuk

Installation and Service Technician

I joined the ON2 Team in Feb, 2017


Other Hats that I have worn prior to joining the ON2 Team:

Most of my post graduate work was within the Banking Industry in the Ukraine. For over 12 years I had a variety of roles ranging from Head of Sales, to Head of IT and Customer Service. My move to Canada brought a change of residence as well as a change of career path. I was first employed by Berdick to create engineered drawings for custom windows and doors, but fortunately a year later ON2 recruited me to join their Team of Service Technicians.


Skills and Education that I bring to the ON2 Team:

Mechanical Engineering Degree

Secondary degree in Economics and Accounting


An experience that “Took your breath (oxygen) away:

“Two years ago, I was invited to join a group of friends to climb the largest mountain in the Ukraine, Hoverla. It was my first experience mountain climbing and what a thrill it was! When we started out, the temperature at the bottom was +20C and at least -5 at the top.  It took us a full day to climb 2000 metres up the mountain.”