Victor Kovtan

/Victor Kovtan

Victor Kovtan

Installation and Service Technician

I joined the ON2 Team upon Initial Ownership/Purchase of ON2 – April 1, 2016


Other Hats that I have worn prior to joining the ON2 Team: Worked with RANA manufacturing for a  short time before ON2 Solutions took over ownership and management.  Prior  to moving himself, his wife, and 3 sons to Canada he owned and operated a Logistics  Company in the Ukraine for 10 years. Received training in this field  while working  for a Japanese Logistics company for 9 years. Prior to work in Logistics, he worked for a Media Company in the Ukraine for 10 years, doing electronic repair.


Skills and Education that I bring to the ON2 Team:

Electronics Engineer degree


An experience that “Took your breath (oxygen) away:  “ Next to the incredible experience starting a New Life in Canada, another memorable experience I have had was the time I arrived late for a flight to Uzhgorod, Ukraine, and the airline drove us out to the plane on the runway where had to board the plane from a mobile stair system!”