Steve Terichow

/Steve Terichow

Steve Terichow

Manager Technical Services

I joined the ON2 Team upon Initial Ownership/Purchase of ON2 – April 1, 2016:  Once ON2 became part of the Bining Healthcare Group, I graciously accepted the position as the Manager of Technical Services. I look forward to the future of our growing TEAM!

Other Hats that I have worn prior to joining the ON2 Team: Worked with RANA Home Care since 1993 as one of their very first Installation and Service Technicians engineering and custom designing Oxygen Concentrators, Nitrogen Generators and Mine Refuge systems worldwide.

Skills and Education that I bring to the ON2 Team:

Canadian Health Care Engineering Society (CHES) Certification for Medical Gas Pipelines

RRCC – Telecommunications  Diploma

PLC programming/relay training

Solid works – Computer automated drawings and diagrams

WHMIS , CPR and First Aid Certification


An experience that “Took your breath (oxygen) away: “ During my first and only helicopter ride, I flew over the Hudson Bay in Churchill, Manitoba, and got to see a pod of Beluga Whales.”