Ibolya Kovtan

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Ibolya Kovtan

Inventory Control Manager

Email: ibolya@on2solutions.ca Office: 204-822-8106 Cel: 204-822-8106    

I joined the ON2 Team upon Initial Ownership/Purchase of ON2 – May, 2017

Other Hats that I have worn prior to joining the ON2 Team: For the majority of my career I have worked in Purchasing. I was the Purchasing Manager and Lead of two large companies in the Ukraine for several years and was responsible for purchasing, sourcing and inventory control for a successful Digital Electronics company my husband and I ran. Shortly after moving to Canada I immediately secured a position with Grandeur Housing LLC in their Purchasing Department until ON2 Solutions contacted me to offer me a position as their Inventory Control Manager.

Skills and Education that I bring to the ON2 Team:

Specialist Diploma – Specific Sciences and Translations

Purchasing Optimization and Transport Organization – Certification

SAP Training

WHMIS , CPR and First Aid Certification

An experience that “Took your breath (oxygen) away: “ One of my most memorable life experiences was during a trip to Egypt. For the first time in my life I went diving. I was so amazed by the beautiful World Beneath the Sea: the vibrant colours of the fish, the magnitude of shapes and colours of the coral, the incredible reef with its hidden inhabitants, and the magnificent sun beams that penetrated through the water below. This life experience took my breath away and I will never forget it!