Debra Amos

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Debra Amos

Customer and Media Relations Coordinator

I joined the ON2 Team upon Initial Ownership/Purchase of ON2 – April 1, 2016


Other Hats that I have worn prior to joining the ON2 Team: Worked in the fields of Communications, Education and Community Outreach for the past 25 years;  Simultaneously working to reduce barriers and enhance Access to Education through Speech and Language Development in the school system, to advocating for both Animal and Human Rights through volunteerism with non-profit organizations that provide safe havens to abused and neglected animals, women, and children.


Skills and Education that I bring to the ON2 Team:

Speech and Language Therapy, Educational Resource Specialist

WHMIS, NVCI, CPR and  First Aid Certification


An experience that “Took your breath (oxygen) away: “ I had the remarkable experience of swimming with Galapagos  sharks off the island of Oahu, Hawaii, while on vacation with my daughter and 75 year old mother.”