ON2 Launches the New TK2

TK2 Rear view
The TK2 has a shrouded rear battery compartment that is capable of housing enough batteries to provide up to 96 hours of power.

ON2 has made structural design changes to their original TommyKnocker to extend the airlock entryway, which will ensure a fast unobstructed entry into the chamber in the case of an emergency. At the same time, we added a shrouded external battery compartment that will be capable of providing up to 96 hours of power. With the miners’ comfort in mind, and to eliminate any additional heat buildup within the chamber, ON2 has made the decision to only use high output dimmable LED lighting to ensure cool operation with maximum LED life. These design changes not only enhance the safety of the miners, but also provide an increased level of comfort to those miners who seek a Safe Haven.


TK2 cut away view
The TK2 has an expanded 2 metre airlock entryway that allows easy access for two people and a stretcher at a time. Moving the batteries to the external cabinet also provides extra storage space inside the chamber.